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The Plan to "Save the USA"

The awesome power of Advertising and Social Media
Overriding Government and Special Interest Propaganda

The damage has already been done. Several generations of Americans (in the tens of millons) have been indoctrinated into the socialist, collectivist ideology, implemented by the Democrat Party over the last several decades to secure perpetual political power. To reverse this brainwashing in the public schools and colleges could take several generations, that is if it could even be done. The "Save the USA" Plan reverses this generational brainwashing in one or two election cycles. The first method used is highly selective saturation TV advertising and social media messages, to begin under Phase 1.

The advertising messages would be tailored to the principles of liberty contained in the U. S. Constitution. They would appeal to deep patriotism and excite the inner desires of individual freedom and unalienable rights, the gifts from our creator. Each ad would go right to the heart of the kitchen table of every American household. Using the messages from these advertisements, parents could start passing on these patriotic and freedom messages to their children, overriding public school, social and government propaganda.

Conservative and American heartland areas would be targeted first to build up a significant contribution base to support the plan. Eventually, the advertising and social media messages would be introduced to high dense urban areas. The Plan is not an inexpensive endeavor. It would take the contributions of millions of conservative Americans for The Plan to be effective. Each year the contributions would have to grow so that the saturation advertising and social media initiatives can grow with the funding.

Until there is a massive mindset shift in the American body politic towards conservative principles, America has no hope as a free nation. That mindset shift can only come from an emotionally powerful visual, audio and print message, repeated over and over again. You can't change public policy unless you change the mindset of the masses! Short of this all other mechanisms for change will fail.

A pictorial representation of The Plan follows:

The Plan


After the saturation TV advertising program is well underway and funding levels grow, we will contract with a powerful legal firm to file lawsuits against major unconstitutional laws. The goal will be to establish broad legal precedents that will filter into the mainstream of law. This is exactly what environmental groups have been doing for years and they have been very successful in implementing radical environmental change in the courts and profiting handsomely in the process. Up until now, no one has been challenging them.

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The leader of "The Plan" is Ron Ewart, the purveyor of this website and creator of "The Plan." Ron is a nationally known author and speaker on freedom, liberty and property rights. He has written a weekly column on those issues for over 12 years. His column appears on multiple venues across the U. S. and is read by thousands more by e-mail. You can read his BIO HERE.

1. Establish the 5-member board of directors.

2. Commence the construction of a major, professional website.

3. Establish the necessary organization, funding mechanisms and procedures.

NOTE: Over 60,000,000 conservative Americans voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. If just one-tenth of that 60,000,000 conservative Americans (or 6,000,000 people) pledged $10.00 per month, would produce $60,000,000 per month, or $720,000,000 per year. This amount would be more than enough to fund Phase 1 and 2 of the "Save the USA" Plan.

In any event, when sufficient funds have been accumulated, we will begin the selection of a professional web designer. The website name has already been reserved "STUSA.US (save the USA) and is paid for and on file with a web hosting company.

The second phase of the operation will be to hire three executives in the funding, advertising and social media fields and commence full operations.

Beginning budgets and funding requirements have been established and will be available upon request.

We have spent several months developing this plan in time and expenses and are 100% committed to its completion. We are available to give speeches to groups over 50 to explain The "Save the USA" Plan. Contact us at to learn the details and schedule dates.

But remember! The success of this "Plan" rests entirely in the generosity and commitment of the millions of American conservatives who are aghast at the direction America is headed and want to see demonstrable changes for the better in their life time ..... before civil war becomes the only alternative to change.

The Grand Idea

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We are currently taking applications for the 5-member board. If you are interested in becoming an unpaid (for now) board member to The "Save the USA" Plan please send your resume to The three major attributes for a board member will be unimpeachable honor, integrity and honesty. We would prefer that the potential board member be over 60, have previous managerial business experience and believe strongly in conservative principles. Board member duties will be to oversee global operations and to work with the President and advertising and social media executives to select subject and content of patriotic TV ads and social media messages. The Board will also work directly with the President and the Funding and Financing Executive, as funding is the key to the success of "The Plan."

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Ladies and gentlemen
if we don't go bold
A free America has little chance!

If you are satisfied with status quo, you don't need to do anything. But if you have had ENOUGH! consider a significant contribution. It is obvious. If we do nothing, it will only get worse. The "Save the USA" Plan is designed to be a wholly grass roots effort.

See our Disclosure Statement HERE.

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