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It seems that 99% of the American population lives in stark fear of the IRS and they won't lift a finger to take down this rogue, out-of-control, inept, corrupt government bureaucracy. They are probably hoping that the U. S. Congress will do the job, but they are going to have a long wait.

Therefore, we are going to show those Americans who fear the IRS, how to effectively fight them with our STUSA IRS Defense/Offense Handbook. We have beat the IRS 5 out of 6 times and we expect to win the 6th one, but it will take a little longer. We beat them using the very documents you will find in the STUSA IRS Defense/Offense Handbook. The IRS makes mistakes all the time and terrorizes any hapless taxpayer that gets in their sights. It isn't necessary to fear them. You just have to know how to handle them when they come calling with their infuriating letters, notices, demands and liens.

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If we have to live with the IRS, we have to learn how to fight them effectively. Millions of Americans have been targeted by the IRS for mistakes the IRS makes, causing the taxpayer to spend endless hours and way too much money to fight them. We chronicle a story about Viktor Malevikoff whose story should scare the pants off the American taxpayer, unless they learn how to take on the IRS with the right tools.

"My Name is Viktor Maelvikoff"

"My Name is Viktor Maelvikoff, Part 2"

Even Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had enough and sent a scathing letter to the IRS describing his frustration. You can read his letter HERE.

We do know how to fight them (without hiring a lawyer) and we have put our direct experience with the IRS, together in a package of useful and effective documents that anyone can use to counter IRS notices and demands. We have included several winning documents that allowed us to defeat the IRS. We know how to hold them at bay, confuse them, trip them up, question their authority, slow them down, force them to follow their own law, or stop them in their tracks.

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The STUSA IRS Handbook comes on a USB Flash drive and contains a wealth of resources, notices, letters and affidavits a taxpayer can use to respond to many different types of IRS letters, notice of lien and other demands. Don't wait for an IRS letter, notice, or demand to arrive in the mail. Be prepared. Order STUSA's IRS Defense/Offense Handbook today. The documents provided in the Handbook are designed as SAMPLES only and are not to be construed as legal documents sanctioned by attorneys or by court decisions. The STUSA Handbook also includes an "Abolish-the-IRS" Petition.

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We make no warranties, expressed or implied, that the information we have provided on this page, or in the handbook, is accurate in all respects. We offer this material as information only and there is no attempt upon the part of the purveyors of this website to provide legal or accounting advice, in any manner whatsoever. There are always risks in relying on any information appearing on the Internet. Anyone acting on the information provided, does so at their own risk. Under no circumstances are we advocating that anyone break the law ..... if it can be determined accurately, what the law is.

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